This course is for anyone who works in a workshop and will give them an overview about working safely, looking at why accidents happen and how they can be prevented.

Workshop safety training is vital to ensuring that your staff follow best practices and remain safe in their workplace. No two workshops are the same, as each will have different hazards and machinery and so this course concentrates on general safety awareness, safe working habits and safe operating procedures.

The course covers specific hazards that may be found in a workshop, such as dangerous equipment and hazardous substances. For each type of hazard, it explains who needs to know about that particular type of hazard and what the dangers are.provided. 

However, in order to administer medication to residents in a care home you need fo

rmal training from an NHS practitioner, this course is not a substitute for this training.

Workshop Safety:  Course Contents

1. Your Workshop

This section looks at the responsibilities of both the employer and employees, the hazards that may be present in a workshop and the common types of accidents that may happen. It also looks at where PPE, permit to work and health surveillance might be needed.

2. Safety Signs

The importance of safety signs is covered in this section, explaining what the different types are and what they mean which is often something so simple but can go a long way to improving workshop safety.


3. Preventing Accidents

This final section deals with basic workshop rules – the things that must ALWAYS be done to prevent accidents and the things that should NEVER be done. Downloadable PDFs of the DO’s and DON’Ts of Workshop Safety can be printed out and displayed.


Duration: 35 Minutes


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