Providing employees with the right tools and information when it comes to Whistleblowing is essential for an employer to show that they are equipping their staff to deal with any cause for concerns. 

There are a number of laws in place to protect whistleblowers and they were created to support these people if they faced retaliation at work or the threat of dismissal after coming forward. Concerns of wrongdoing within a company can be brought forward both internally and externally. This course will advise employees on what procedures to follow and when you should raise your concerns. 

This Whistleblowing course will provide information on what a whistleblower is, the law surrounding whistleblowing and what constitutes whistleblowing. Whistleblowing Training is essential for any organisation so that the correct procedures are in place should someone choose to come forward. 

Through this Whistleblowing training, we will equip employees with the information about what they should do if they put forward concerns to an internal or external party through 3 easy steps. 

Whistleblowing Course Content

1. Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing is all about calling attention to wrongdoing. Think about a referee in a football match blowing the whistle on foul play or a Victorian policeman blowing a whistle to bring attention to criminal activity.  This section will cover what whistleblowing is and what the law is surrounding it. 

2. Whistleblowing Policy

Many organisations have a Whistleblowing Policy. Having a policy means that everyone understands the rules and knows what’s expected of them. It establishes a fair process which is followed by everyone. If your organisation has one, make sure you read and understand it.

This section will cover Whistleblowing Policies and how to raise concerns regarding Whistleblowing. 


3. Follow Up

Once you’ve made a disclosure and it’s not been made anonymously, you may receive acknowledgement of your disclosure. This depends on your organisation’s procedure or policy.

In this final section, we look at following up after you have raised a concern and how employers


Duration: 15 Minutes


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