Our Understanding Your Role course aims to provide awareness to help make sure employees know what is expected from them in their job role but also what is not included in your role. Job descriptions will give a good overview of your role but will often not list every task that is expected from you. 

The possible responsibilities that might be included in your job role are:

  • providing care & support, working as part of a team,

  • contributing towards activitiesor respecting confidentiality. As an employee, it is important to understand your company’s values, aims and objectives. 

Standard 1 of the Care Certificate requires staff to understand their own role, work in ways that have been agreed between them and their employer, understand working relationships in health & social care and to work in partnership with others

Understanding Your Role in Care Course Contents

1 Understand Your Role

To begin to understand your role, you first need to understand what your employer expects from you; what duties they expect you to perform, what level of competence they expect you to bring to the role, and what attitude they expect you to have. In this section, this is precisely what we help you to understand.


2 Rights & responsibilities

This section of the course looks at the laws that give us rights. With every right comes a responsibility. Rights and responsibilities are inherently linked. It’s important that you understand what rights you have as an employee, so that you can also understand what responsibilities you have to others.


3 Working Well with Others

In this final section, we look at what effective partnership working is and how it is based on a solid foundation of mutual trust, respect, and clear, precise, and jargon-free communication.

Understanding Your Role in Care

Duration: 25 Minutes


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