Once time has gone – it’s gone! But whilst it is our most precious resource, many people are not very good at using it wisely. And how many of us suffer from other people imposing their time-frames on us?

It has been estimated that as much as 80% of our time is spent dealing with matters that are ‘urgent’, or are trivial tasks, or simply those that are easy to do - and we often can’t find the time to do the important work that will make a difference to us and the organisation.

This course will equip you with the tools you need to take control of your time so that you will be able to spend more of it doing the things that really matter. It will teach you how to plan your goals effectively, manage your schedule and avoid distractions and the pitfalls of procrastination.

There’s no science to time management - it’s an art that we can develop, so this course offers a number of different tips and strategies for you to choose from so, no matter what you have been doing up until now, there will be something for you that will help.



Time Management :  Course Contents


1 Planning Your Time


This section looks at ways of effectively planning and managing time. It helps you set long-term goals which in turn will help you create medium and short-term steps to get there, stripping away anything which wastes your time.

The section then looks at some of the methods you can employ to help you prioritise your To-do list, from very simple to more advanced techniques for deciding which of your daily tasks take priority.





 2. The ‘Time Bandits’



The second section of the course covers interruptions or distractions which can waste your time - called ‘Time Bandits’. We cover ways to deal with external influences - anything which originates outside of yourself and can needlessly take up your time.

We also look at how to cope with internal ‘Time Bandits’ - things which you do that wastes your own time, including dealing with procrastination and why multi-tasking is a myth.


Duration: 25 Minutes


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