With the flurry of sexual harassment claims lately, this course raises awareness, sheds light on the grey areas and provides you with the tools and guidance you need to identify, prevent and remove sexual harassment from the workplace


What is Sexual Harassment? It’s any unwanted and repeated behaviour of a sexual nature.

Your working environment should be a place where you feel safe, appreciated and motivated. The environment should be good for your wellbeing; it should promote dignity and respect.

Yet the statistics show that sexual harassment in the workplace is a huge problem; The Guardian reports that “more than half of women have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace, including sexual assaults and comments about their bodies” and men are victims of this behaviour too!

This Sexual Harassment Awareness course has been created to raise awareness and to provide valuable tools and information to help you identify, prevent and remove sexual harassment from the workplace.

Creating and maintaining a positive workplace culture is everyone’s business – we are all responsible for treating people with kindness and respect.

This course works in conjunction with our Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace for Management and Bullying and Harassment for Employees training courses

Sexual Harassment:  Course Contents

1. Sexual Harassment Awareness


This first section clarifies what sexual harassment is, the different types, and the possible side effects for the victim. We also look at the legal aspects and the importance of a positive workplace culture.

2. Identifying Sexual Harassment


This is a scenario-based section. We present you with workplace examples and then you need to decide whether you think each situation is sexual harassment or not. We have a particular focus on subtle behaviours to shed much-needed light on the ‘grey areas’.

3. Confronting and Reporting Sexual Harassment


Our final section takes you through the two stages of confronting sexual harassment – the informal approach and the formal route. We cover each stage and provide you with information on the different external services that are available.


Duration: 25 Minutes


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