In this School Trips for Organisers and Supporters programme we take a look at some of the things that must be considered when planning and delivering school trips, both in the UK and abroad.


School Trips for Organisers and Support Staff is a programme for the person who organises the trip, or anyone who helps out on a trip, including school staff and non-school staff acting as volunteers and helpers.

It may seem that there’s a lot to think about when planning a school trip, but this programme has been written as a guide to the process. It will support any procedures and guidelines already in place in a school, and will explain how to practically manage the risks associated with leaving the classroom.

There are two programmes on School Trips. This is the second.  The first programme is School Trips for Management (the people in a school who are responsible for school trips.) We recommend that the person organising a trip should do both courses.

School Trips Training for Organisers & Supporters: Course Contents

1. Planning a School Trip


In this section we look at where you’re going, why you’re going there and how you’re going to get there – by coach, minibus or private vehicle.

2. Health and Safety on a School Trip


This section looks at the importance of safeguarding, the need for adult supervision on trips and the requirement for first aid provision. It also includes step-by-step guides for emergency procedures – for managing the scene, contacting people and for preparing a written report about an incident.

3. The Trip


Once everyone is properly prepared, the trip can finally go ahead! This section looks at keeping pupils safe whilst on the trip and getting them home safely. It looks at rules and behaviour, headcounts, rendez-vous points, badges, remote supervision and the importance of good communication between everyone on a trip.

4. Residential Trips and Trips Abroad


Finally, in this section we look at taking pupils on trips that mean staying away from home – either in the UK or abroad.

In some cases this could be the first time a pupil spends a night away from their home and family – an experience in itself! We look at preparing parents and guardians – for example – what do they need to know? We look at documentation that may be needed for a foreign visit, the rules and regulations and the increased health and safety required abroad. We also consider the implications of different languages, customs and laws when going on trips to different countries.


Duration: 45 Minutes


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