This  short course is an effective way to learn how to provide personalised care to individuals while making sure that they remain in control of their own care plans where possible. Your role is to help service users to be independent where practicable while respecting their privacy & dignity.  

Dignity can be defined as ‘focusing on the value of every individual, including respecting their views, choices and decisions’, ‘not making assumptions about how they want to be treated’, ‘working with care and compassion’ ‘communicating directly with the individual whenever possible.’

In the Care Certificate, Standard 7 it requires those who give care to service users to understand the principles that underpin privacy & dignity, to help individuals maintain privacy & dignity in care, support individuals to make choices about their care and to support active participation in their own care.



Privacy & Dignity in Care:  Course Contents



The course has just one section that is designed for those who work with service users in the care sector. It provides an overview of privacy and dignity in care and is designed both for those with existing experience, as well as new carers who are working towards completing their Care Certificate.

It covers all you need to know from The Care Certificate Workbook: Standard 7 – Privacy and Dignity including privacy of information, the ‘10 Dignity Do's and self-care.

Privacy & Dignity in Care

Duration: 20 Minutes


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