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COVID-19 and E-Learning

It has always been the case that e-learning is far, far cheaper than classroom courses not just because it is less expensive to buy but also the reduction in lost production is massive.  However, with training providers ceasing all person-to-person training at the end of March, e-Learning is really the only means of having people trained.

Add to this the fact that furloughed staff can’t work but can undertake training and that people working at home also seem to have more time on their hands (less unproductive meetings and interruptions may be the answer!) they too can benefit from on-line courses which they can pop in and out of as time allows.

Helmsman have recognised that the majority of businesses are seeing turnover and profits tumble and we so have reduced our prices dramatically in the hope that it helps out those organisations who still want to train their people and who can see that e-learning is a vital tool in achieving this.

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