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Classroom -v- e-Learning Courses in the Pandemic

There are some subjects that must be taught face-to-face as they contain a practical element that is important. CPR has to be practiced in order to perform it correctly and you can’t imagine what being in a confined space is like, unless you have been in one.

However, for the vast multitude of subjects, the knowledge is important as there is no practical side involved and, up until now, it has been a choice as to whether to have a classroom course or on-line courses.

Classroom courses have become a real problem with social distancing which has meant that training providers can take fewer people but still have to make money and so costs have gone up. Also, because companies who send their people on courses are also feeling the pinch both in financial as well as manpower terms, there are fewer people being sent on courses and so some that were running, are being cancelled.

So, in so ,many ways, e-Learning is probably the best means of imparting it. From our experience, there are few instructors of general classroom courses that ever run a test at the end and the learner then passes or fails. With our on-line learning, there is always a test and there is always a pass or fail, so at least a person doesn’t get away with sitting through a ‘live’ course, either texting on their phone or half asleep! Having this test also means that the learner has to show that they have the knowledge in that subject and so it is a far more robust way of ensuring that a person is competent.

Other advantages of our e-Learning are that it can be done when it is convenient, the courses are short and sharp and they come with up to 30 foreign language sub-titles and if you are going to have to furlough people again, having them carry out training is one of the only things that is permitted - so make use of the time!

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