Person-centred values tell you how to work in a person-centred way. Generally, there are 6 recognised values for person-centred care and they are, Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage and Commitment. These 6 Cs can help you to understand that each individual has to be placed at the centre of their care and support plans. The plan must fit the individual, rather than the individual being made to fit an existing routine. This is also known as Person Centred Working.

The course effectively explores the key principles and will enable carers to work in a ‘person-centred’ way. The course includes the legal and regulatory framework, the Care Act, tools to support person-centred approaches and risk enablement.


Person Centred Care:  Course Contents


1 Values


At the centre of each and every one of our decisions, actions, thoughts and reactions is our own set of beliefs, ideas, and opinions that influence them.  These make up our values and they are shaped throughout our lives by our own experiences. In this section we will look at the values specific to Person-Centred Care and how to work in partnership with the people you care for in order to plan a service tailored to their unique needs, wishes, and preferences.






2  Supporting Your Service User


Before you're able to offer your service users their own person-centred care which is tailored to their individual needs, pretty obviously, you will first need to find out what those needs are!  This section covers how you can set about supporting your service users in a person-centred way, looking at the Care Plan and considering ways of recognising and minimising sources of discomfort and pain and what you can do to can help your service users maintain their sense of identity and self-esteem.

Person Centred Care

Duration: 30 Minutes


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