Personal development is a professional process that begins at work with the clarification of your objectives and targets and is accomplished by achieving goals that you have set yourself in order to make the most of your potential.

Standard 2 of the Care Certificate states carers must: 

  • Agree on a personal development plan with their employer 

  • Develop their knowledge, skills and understanding

The easiest way to keep track of the development of an employee is through a Personal Development Plan (PDP) – an action plan that helps you organise, identify learning & development needs to help you accomplish day-to-day tasks more efficiently, and then tracks the progress.

Most PDPs cover a 12 month period – so it is best practice to assess your goals annually.

Personal development in Care:  Course Contents

1 Personal Development Plans

The only way that we can start moving towards our goals is if we know which direction we’re heading in and how far we have to go. The first step is to create a plan of action, known as a Personal Development Plan, or PDP. This section will help you understand how to identify gaps in your knowledge, skills, and experience; create your goals and decide how long you will spend on them; and will allow you, and your employer, to track your progress over time.


2 Learning & Development

In this section, we want to help you to help yourself. Self-learning is a vital tool for personal development but knowing how to do it effectively isn’t always obvious. So, we are going to look at different styles of learning, helping you find one which works best for you.

Personal Development in Care

Duration: 20 Minutes


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