Outsourced Training Management

In our experience many companies, especially small to medium sized ones, are not as efficient as they should be in organising and buying in training.


Since 1997 we have successfully been organising and managing training for our Clients.  Whilst we have knowledge of many sectors, our specialism is in construction and social care.


Over the years,  we have successfully managed the training for many construction and social care companies as well as running the CITB supported Essex and London Region Construction Training Groups.

By outsourcing your training management to Helmsman you will be partnering with experts in the field, saving yourself a good deal of money and stress and enhancing your bottom line.

We are ‘Vendor Neutral’ in that we do not provide training, we negotiate and buy it in for you at the best prices.  We are not brokers as we make no money on the courses – you pay what the provider charges.  We do all of the work and charge you an annual fee which will depend upon the amount of training that we have to organise but it can be as little as £200 a month.


When compared with having your own person do the work, this is a huge saving!

The advantages to your company are:

      You aren't paying expensive staff to do mundane administrative tasks

·     Staff can work to make you money, not cost you thousands

      You still remain in total control

·     You get the best prices in the market, for your training

·     All of the paperwork is done by us

·     There are no holidays, sickness absence or service disruption

·     You get a personal service - no call centres or options to go through

·     The company has 24 years of experience in training - and the staff, over 70

Helmsman can :-

·     Help you identify your training requirements

·     Prepare and cost your training budget

·     Negotiate the best rates for your training

·     Organise the delivery of training in the most economic ways possible

·     Deal with all of the administrative tasks

·     Maintain your training records

·     Provide accurate information for tenders, accreditations etc

·     Maximise all available Grants

·     Prepare reports and attend management meetings as required etc

For more details and a quote, please telephone us on 01206 366100 or complete the contact form