Outsourced Training and Development

Our experience in outsourced training and development has enabled us to supply cost-effective solutions to many types of organisation, across many sectors, as long as they have training needs – which all do have!

The more onerous your requirements for training, the more attractive our services become as you will benefit from economies of scale. This makes us ideal for medium to larger sized organisations (100 to 3,000 employees) who don’t want to have their own Training Department, or where a person is trying to organise training but has an existing job to do, so is trying their best to fit it in – in our experience, this is always a costly way of doing things!

Our training management service can:

  • Help you identify your training requirements

  • Prepare an annual Training Plan or deal with ad hoc request for training

  • Organise the delivery of training in the most economic ways possible

  • Take on all of the administrative tasks

  • Record all training

  • Provide accurate information and reports

Our business model is ‘Vendor Neutral – in that we don’t supply training.  There are any number of training companies that will manage your training but then you buy your training from them – at prices that are usually inflated to cover the admin costs.

We source training at the best possible prices for good quality training and pass the savings to you, as well as carrying out all of the basic administration tasks that are required to get people on courses.  For this we charge an annual fee based on the amount of work we have to undertake.

Our service is flexible, personal, professional and cost-effective and we pride ourselves on adding value and not looking for every way to squeeze more money out of Clients.

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