Modern Slavery is an on-going issue within the United Kingdom and it is a crime. It includes slavery, human trafficking, forced or compulsory labour and servitude. People subject to slavery have to work against their will and do not have freedom of choice. 

UK Law requires large companies to produce evidence of compliance both for itself and its supply chain and so even smaller companies will have to prove that training has been given to its workforce.

This online Modern Slavery training course aims to educate users on identifying signs of modern-day slavery and to give confidence to people to speak up about it. 

Modern Slavery:  Course Contents

1. Modern Slavery Spectrum

Modern Slavery is an umbrella term that covers various words like slavery, servitude, forced labour & human trafficking.

There are many different categories that sit within these types and they often overlap, so a victim of one type of slavery can often be a victim of two or three.
Throughout this course, we will be sharing case studies to raise awareness of the most common types and to show you how to spot the signs.

2.You and Your Organisation

After Section 1, you will have a better understanding of Modern Slavery.
In this section, we’ll discuss what you and your organisation can do to help eradicate it and will cover:

  • How to report any concerns or suspicions

  • Compliance with the Modern Slavery Act

  • Working practices and policies

  • Your organisation’s supply chain
    And we include a couple of extra case studies from two industries that are high risk for modern slavery.


Duration: 25 Minutes


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