The sad truth is that workers in the care sector have a suicide rate almost twice as high as the national average and workers in this sector are vulnerable to a variety of mental health issues.

Workers in the profession have some of the most emotionally challenging jobs imaginable. Caring for vulnerable people themselves, they often prioritise other’s mental wellbeing over their own.

Our Mental Health Awareness training for Carers and Nurses is broken down into 4 easy-to-follow and beautifully animated sections which aim to educate learners on the various types of mental health problems, the science behind our thinking, and where to go to for external help. The course is suitable for anybody working in the care sector, including doctors, nurses, carers, youth workers, social care workers, therapists, charity workers and volunteers. 




Mental Health Awareness forCarers & Nurses:  Course Contents

1 Mental Health in Education


Dealing almost on a daily basis with the realities of poor mental and physical health has a huge impact on care providers and this is not always addressed by the person or their organisation.  As probably the leading factor for the high prevalence of mental-ill health in the care sector, this section looks at the common triggers of poor mental health and the importance of training,






2 The Problems



In this section, we raise awareness of some of the most common mental health problems, particularly anxiety and depression. We will also be covering how stress and loneliness can have a big influence on mental health.  If you wish to learn more, this section has extra information on a small number of additional common mental illnesses.



3 The ‘Wellbeing Toolkit’


In this section you will find your Wellbeing Toolkit which can help you look after your mental health on a daily basis. Whilst everyone may have their own ideas about how to approach their mental health and wellbeing, this section provides you with a variety of insights, mini exercises, recommendations and food for thought, enabling you to use what suits you.


4 External Help


If you feel that your own wellbeing is becoming a top priority and you  need extra support, there are many avenues that you can go down.  Talking is the best help and this section provides useful external resources that you may wish to use to aid your wellbeing.

Mental Health Awareness for Carers & Nurses

Duration: 40 Minutes


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