Duration: 40 Minutes

In a recent survey, 67% of education professionals describe themselves as being stressed and 74% consider that they do not have enough guidance about mental health and wellbeing at work.

The education sector is a particularly demanding workplace and this can have detrimental effects on employee wellbeing and therefore staffing levels and the quality of teaching.

Being the dedicated type of people that they are, people working in education can be at breaking point before owning up to problems, or before anyone spots one.

This course, designed specifically for educational professionals, is broken down into easy-to-follow sections which aim to educate participants on the various types of mental health problems, the science behind them and where to go to for external help.




Mental Health Awareness for Education Professionals:  Course Contents

1 Mental Health in Education


The major proportion of education professionals feel that they do not have sufficient guidance or support at work to manage their own mental health. This section introduces Mental Health within the Education sector and raises the importance of training and the common triggers of poor mental health. 







2 The Problems



In this section, we raise awareness of some of the most common mental health problems, particularly anxiety and depression. We will also be covering how stress and loneliness can have a big influence on mental health.  If you wish to learn more, this section has extra information on a small number of additional common mental illnesses.



3 The ‘Wellbeing Toolkit’


In this section you will find your Wellbeing Toolkit which can help you look after your mental health on a daily basis. Whilst everyone may have their own ideas about how to approach their mental health and wellbeing, this section provides you with a variety of insights, mini exercises, recommendations and food for thought, enabling you to use what suits you.


4 External Help


If you feel that your own wellbeing is becoming a top priority and you  need extra support, there are many avenues that you can go down.  Talking is the best help and this section provides useful external resources that you may wish to use to aid your wellbeing.


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