This training programme increases awareness of the dangers of legionella bacteria and highlights the importance of regular maintenance and monitoring of systems where they may be found.


Designed to help everyone understand the risks of exposure to legionella bacteria, this course is particularly useful for those who are responsible for protecting an organisation from this kind of bacterial contamination; particularly people who manage, control or monitor the risk of exposure (as well as those responsible for record keeping.)

The course looks at what legionella bacteria are and where they can be found, as well as how legionella spreads and how these bacteria can affect health – concentrating particularly on Legionnaires’ disease and the symptoms to look out for.

Legionella Awareness Course Contents

1. Legionella Bacteria


This section looks at legionella bacteria and the most serious illness caused by them – which is Legionnaires’ disease.

It looks at who’s at risk and covers the symptoms, how you get it and where it comes from.

2. Preventing an Outbreak


The best and most effective way to prevent an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease is to take away the things the bacteria need to survive and thrive. This section covers how to do this, who is responsible for doing this and looks at risk assessments, maintenance and monitoring.

This section includes links to extra information relevant to the most common systems which could be the source of a legionella outbreak, such as hot water tanks and cold water tanks.


Duration: 25 Minutes


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