This Ladder Safety training is your go-to course to help reduce the risk of ladder-related injuries and increase your knowledge and skills. It includes how to select, setup, and use a ladder correctly, as well as conduct pre-checks. It’s CPD accredited and provides printable certificates upon course completion.


Falling from a height is incredibly common and incredibly dangerous, and at least a third of all fall injuries involve ladders. This makes them one of the largest causes of accidents and injuries – both in the workplace and at home. Training is therefore essential.

You don’t need to be formally qualified to use a ladder, but you do have to be competent. This course has been created to help strengthen the necessary skills and knowledge you need to use ladders safely.

It is split into four short sections, Ladder Selection, Ladder Pre-Check, Ladder Setup and Ladder Use.

This Ladder Safety Training can be used in conjunction with our Working at Height Training.

Ladder Safety Training Course Contents

1.  Ladder Selection


This section covers the first of the four Ladder Safety Steps. We look at what you need to consider when you’re selecting a ladder – including the BSI Kitemark, and the ladder’s size, material and duty rating.

2. Ladder Pre-Check


For the second step, we look at how you can conduct a Pre-check correctly on stepladders and non-self-supporting ladders (including extension ladders). We also demonstrate how to find and mark a ladder’s Balance Point.

3. Ladder Setup


Here, we take you through the setup process. We provide a ‘Low Shoulder Carry’ and ‘1:4 Ratio’ demonstrations, we explain the setup “do’s and don’t’s” for all ladders, and we also include how to extend and set up an extension ladder.

4. Ladder Use


Ladder Use is the final step. This section gives you concise practical steps for using a stepladder, a single ladder and an extension ladder. We discuss Ladder Etiquette and provide a bullet list of how to lower a ladder safely. There’s also information in our Additional Resources on Ladder Maintenance and Storage for wooden, fibreglass and aluminium ladders.


Duration: 25 Minutes


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