1 Infections in the Workplace

This section answers the questions: What are infections? Where do they come from? And who's at risk?

It looks at bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi and how they should be treated.


2 The Chain of Infection

There is a clear route for an infection to take to get from one person to another. It's known as the chain of infection and has 6 links. Breaking any ONE of these links prevents infection from spreading, so in this section, we look at what these links are and how to break them.


3 Best Hygiene Practices

This section is about protecting yourself and protecting those around you by  good personal hygiene and keeping things clean.

It includes set-by-step guides to handwashing, putting on PPE, clearing up blood and other body fluids and dealing with your own minor injuries e.g. cuts & nose-bleeds.


4 Common Infections

This section looks at the most common infections in the UK, including their symptoms and what to do to protect yourself against them.


5 Your responsibilities

The final section looks at who is responsible for certain aspects of health and safety at work. Although EVERYONE is responsible for maintaining good personal hygiene.

Infection Prevention & Control in Care

Duration: 30 Minutes

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