The risk of infection is everywhere from door handles to keyboards.  Our Infection Prevention & Control  training explains exactly how the chain of infection works, how to break the chain to stop it spreading further and how important your own health and hygiene is.   This course will also touch upon hygiene, hand washing, disposing of waste, PPE and disposing of sharps. 

For those working in the Social care sector, this course covers the requirements of Standard 15 of the Care Certificate.

Infection Prevention & Control Course Contents



1. Infection in the Workplace

This section answers the questions: What are infections? Where do they come from? And who's at risk?  It looks at bacteria, viruses and parasites and how they should be treated.


2 The Chain of Infection

There is a clear route for an infection to take to get from one person to another. It's known as the chain of infection and has 6 links. Breaking any ONE of these links prevents infection from spreading, so in this section, we look at what these links are and how to break them.


3 Best Hygiene Practices

This section is about protecting yourself and protecting those around you by  good personal hygiene and keeping things clean. It includes set-by-step guides to handwashing, putting on PPE, clearing up possibly infected fluids and dealing with your own minor injuries e.g. cuts & nose-bleeds.


4  Common Infections

This section looks at the most common infections in the UK, including their symptoms and what to do to protect yourself against them.


5 Your responsibilities

The final section looks at who is responsible for certain aspects of health and safety at work. Although EVERYONE is responsible for maintaining good personal hygiene.


Duration: 30 Minutes


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