Duration: 40 Minutes

Everyone in your workplace is legally required to have Health and Safety Training and this course provides the perfect introduction to Health and Safety – whether as an induction tool, refresher, or for people changing roles within your organisation.


The course gives a good grounding in general Health and Safety at work, helping employees recognise and avoid risks at work and explaining what to do to minimise illness and reduce workplace accidents.

It looks at responsibilities and legal requirements, hazards and risk, safety signs at work, personal protective equipment and workplace emergency procedures such as fire evacuation and calling the emergency services. It also briefly covers: fire awareness; slips, trips and falls; manual handling; basic DSE; basic COSHH; and electrical safety.

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Health and Safety Training – Essentials Course Contents

1. Responsibilities and Legal Requirements of Health and Safety


This section looks at who is responsible for health and safety at work. It ensures that everyone is aware that they share the responsibility – they have a duty to themselves, to their colleagues and to their workplace.

It highlights the importance of training and communication.


2. Hazards and Risks in the Workplace


A hazard is something with the potential to cause harm and a risk is the likelihood of that harm happening. Here we look at what those risks might be in the workplace, we look at risk assessments and safe working.

The section is split into subsections, each covering one or more different areas of risk – slips, trips, falls, fire, manual handling, DSE, COSHH and electrical safety.


3. Safety Signs and their Importance


Workplace safety signs are used to communicate important messages to instruct, advise and warn.

In this section we look at the different types of safety signboards – prohibition signs, warning signs, mandatory signs, safe conditions signs and fire safety signs. We look at fire action signs and we also include COSHH safety signs (which use the CLP pictograms from the GHS system of Classification and labelling of chemicals).

4. Workplace safety and Emergency Procedures


Here we look at what to do if things go wrong!

We cover Workplace First Aid Kits and Accident Books for accident and injury reporting and we cover a worst case scenario, looking at calling the emergency services


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