Our Handling Information in Care Training focuses the information of an individual receiving care and how it should only ever be shared when it is necessary. Information should not be shared with family/friends or third-parties without their permission. 

This course will touch upon legislation surrounding personal data – the GDPR – how individuals have a right to confidentiality. As well as the Freedom of Information Act 2000, how to handle information in Care, care plans & reporting concerns. 

Standard 14 of the Care Certificate – Handling Information – requires staff to:

  • Describe ways of working & legislation around recording/sharing/storing of information

  • Explain why it is important to have secure systems for recording/sharing/storing information

  • Show how to keep records up to date, complete, accurate & legible

  • Explain how to report if they become aware ways of working have not been followed

Handling Information in Care:  Course Contents

The course covers the law that governs handling information and how to use it lawfully.

Handling Information in Care

Duration: TBC


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