Duration: 20 Minutes

Regular exposure to vibration can adversely affect your hands and arms.

There were around 635 reports of Vibration White Finger and 260 reports of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in 2015, which are both contributors to HAVS. Understand your responsibilities as an employee or employer and avoid HAVS with our Hand/Arm Vibration Awareness Training.

Exposure to vibration may not sound dangerous, but the effects can be severely disabling if you ignore the symptoms and carry on without being able to recognise when your exposure exceeds a safe level. This concise and effective training programme will help you to recognise the early warning signs so that something can be done before it’s too late and damage becomes permanent.

This training programme looks at the risks associated with vibration, as well as who’s at risk and what can be done to reduce harmful exposure.

This is core health and safety training for those involved in Construction and Manufacture or using heavy machinery.

People at risk of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome may also be interested in our Personal Protective Equipment Training and/or our Workshop Safety Training.

Hand Arm Vibration Awareness Training Course Contents

1. What is Hand-arm Vibration?

This section looks at how working with vibrating tools can affect your health.

We look at Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome and explain exactly how the stages of this illness progress and what happens at each stage. We also look at Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


2. Understanding Your Responsibilities


Here we look at the regulations, safe exposure levels and exposure limits.

We look at what your employer should do to keep you safe and what you can do to help yourself to stay safe.

This section includes a vibration exposure look-up table, as a quick reference to give you an idea of how long you can safely use a tool and at what point you MUST stop.


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