Duration: 15 Minutes

If you have already undertaken the main GDPR training, it is so easy to forget things and so this short refresher course has been designed for you, or for anyone who already has a good understanding of  Data Protection but who want to recap their understanding of the Regulations and work towards compliance with the principles.


GDPR Refresher: Course Contents

1 Personal Data



Many, many organisations have access to your personal data and it is probably a lot more than you think!  The General Data Protection Regulations are there to stop anyone’s personal data being misused, or sols or given to people who you would not want to have it. This section covers personal data, what it is and how it should, or shouldn't be used.



2  The Principles of Data Protection


Everyone who holds personal data must to follow strict rules and this section covers these which ensure fair treatment for everyone whose data is held and used by any organisation. Your own organisation must have its own policies and procedures in place to protect personal data which wshould include details specific to your workplace.


3 Integrity & Confidentiality


The final principle concerns keeping personal data safe and secure and covers  protecting data from accidental or deliberate loss, destruction, damage or unauthorised access and will also look at some of the things you can do to help safeguard the personal data you use.

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