Duration: 45 Minutes

It is essential that anyone who works where food is made, prepared or sold has a good understanding of food hygiene, even if they do not handle the food itself.


Comprehensive health and safety training is a legal requirement for those working with consumables and this course provides a good understanding of food hazards and food poisoning;

It covers contamination, personal hygiene and cleanliness in the food preparation area and also looks at safe storage and waste disposal.

Whether you operate in Catering, Hospitality or Retail, this programme explains the hazards associated with poor food hygiene, and what to do to keep food safe.

We have also developed a Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2 course.

Food Safety and Hygiene Training – Level 1 Course Contents

1. Food Hazards and Food Poisoning


This section is all about food poisoning. It’s really important, even if you don’t handle food, that you understand how food becomes contaminated, what the main symptoms are and how to avoid the dangers.

2. Personal Hygiene


People are one of the most serious hazards in the food industry because people carry bacteria. This section is all about good personal hygiene, looking at washing hands, what you wear and what you should do if you’re ill and your illness could be passed onto others through food. A step-by-step guide shows you exactly how you should wash your hands!

3. Cleanliness and Cross-contamination


Cleanliness in food preparation areas covers things like tidying as you go, keeping work surfaces clean and how to wash-up properly.

Cross-contamination – this is where harmful bacteria are spread from one thing – such as food, surfaces, hands or equipment – onto something else, simply by touching. And cross-contamination can happen at any point during the food process, so here we include correct storage of food and disposal of waste.


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