What we put into our body is vital to our health and wellbeing and this is a particular concern for those living in a care setting.

It is vital that these service users have the proper nutrients and diet as in some cases they are more susceptible to illness. 

As well as knowing what fluids, foods and nutrition service users will need and how to handle food safety, employees in social care will also know what signs and symptoms of poor nutrition & hydration to look out for. 

The course complies with Standard 8 of the Care Certificate - Fluids & Nutrition and will ensure that staff understand the principles or hydration, food safety & nutrition.



Fluids & Nutrition in Care:  Course Contents

1 Nutrition & Hydration


What we drink is as vital, if not more so, than what we eat to both our physical health and our mental wellbeing.  This first section deals with the importance of nutrition and hydration for those in care who may not be able to make decisions for themselves, as they may not have the knowledge or capacity to do so.  They therefore rely on someone else to be responsible for providing them with all the fluids and nutrients they need.


2 Food Safety


Whether you prepare meals for your service users or simply serve them or supply an odd snack, you must be aware that what you provide is safe and free from contamination. There are four main ways in which food can become contaminated and the section covers them all.



3 Promoting Adequate Nutrition & Hydration


Whenever anybody comes into care, or receives support from a care worker, even if it is only for a short time, an assessment needs to be made to ensure that nutrition and hydration needs they have. This should be recorded in their Care Plan and should cover whether they have any allergies, whether they need any support eating and drinking.

Fire Warden – Care Sector

Duration: 25 Minutes


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