Duration: 80 Minutes

HSE recommend that anyone who has successfully qualified in First Aid, should have a refresher each year, particularly as the chances of having to use the knowledge and skills, may not occur for years, if at all and it is easy to forget what you have learnt.

This course is the ideal vehicle to refresh that knowledge and skills, although it obviously is not a practical course. It will give First Aiders a reminder about areas such as primary survey, secondary survey and CPR and a recap of some of the treatments that they may be asked to provide.



First Aid at Work Refresher: Course Contents


1 Assessing the Situation and What May Be Required


In a situation where someone needs your first aid skills, your priority is to assess what’s happened, what help is needed and any dangers that are present - and do this quickly and calmly. This section covers areas such as Infection Control, Primary Survey, calling the emergency services, CPR, Rescue Breaths and AEDs.


2  Finding Out What is Wrong with the Person



Once you have dealt with the immediate situation from your primary survey - which may require immediate life-saving intervention but may be less dangerous, your next step is to see if you can find out exactly what is wrong with the casualty. This section covers how to ascertain as near as possible what is wrong by asking open questions and checking for injuries.  This section helps you with doing this.


3 Essential procedures and Treatments


This section covers step-by-step guides to the essential procedures and treatments you may be called on to provide such as bandaging which are designed to remind you of  your practical first aid training.


4 Advanced - for Those with 3 Day First Aid at Work Qualification



This final section is designed to remind fully qualified First Aiders of the matters that they covered in their training. It covers the additional first aid procedures and treatments including eye injuries, anaphylaxis, asthma, strokes, diabetes, dislocations, heart attacks, poisoning, epilepsy, muscle injuries and more.

Note:  This is the HSE recommended annual refresher - it is NOT a requalification which can only be done in the classroom

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