This course contains everything you need to know to become a fully qualified Fire Warden and it is designed to suit the working environment of those within the health and social care sector.


It will help you understand your legal duties when it comes to performing risk assessments, coordinating fire evacuations and managing emergency procedures.

It is suitable for anyone wishing to undertake Fire Marshal responsibilities within a hospital or care home environment and will help ensure your workplace is safe. It takes a look at basic fire extinguisher use, effective fire prevention measures and current legislation

Fire Warden Training (Care) Course Contents

1. Introduction


In the first section of this course, we take a look at the basics of what a Fire Warden is and what their responsibilities broadly cover. We also introduce some general information about the dangers posed by fire, common fire signage and the potential costs associated with fire damage. And we look at fire detection systems in care settings.

2. Prevention Measures


This chapter covers the importance of performing fire risk assessments, as well as exploring the importance of performing regular and organised fire evacuation drills.  We look at the need for a fire emergency plan and a fire evacuation plan. In this section we also look at people who may be at particular risk, explaining what personal emergency evacuation plans are and who may need them.

3. Performing an Evacuation


Understanding what is involved in a safe evacuation is crucial for any fire marshal. This section of the training covers human behaviour in the event of an evacuation, and allows the delegate to appreciate the key role of the fire warden in maintaining safety and order in an emergency situation. We look at evacuation equipment and refuges and explain the evacuation strategies appropriate to care settings.

4. Types of Extinguishers


Different types of fires require different extinguishers. Here we help you understand which ones are appropriate, as well as looking at how to operate them..

5. Relevant Legislation


The final section of this course is presenter-led, and explains the relevant UK legislation associated with fire safety. This chapter is followed by and end of course test, which must be completed in order to access the certificate.

Fire Warden – Care

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes


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