Duration: 40 Minutes

This course is designed to introduce staff and management at all levels to the issue of environmental responsibility, as well as looking at what can be done to reduce negative environmental impact from our day to day activities.

We all know that our environment is under threat and that changes must be made to protect it. In this programme we make it clear that it’s not just big companies that have a responsibility to make changes – or indeed companies that deal with hazardous materials or waste disposal – it’s something that concerns absolutely all of us.

This programme looks at the problems our environment is facing. It looks at our responsibilities and wider environmental awareness, as well as covering the various legislation that relates to environmental responsibility for organisations of all types and sizes.

Environmental Awareness Contents

1. The Environment

In this section we look at what the environment actually is, what’s happening to it and why.

This section highlights global warming, climate change, renewable and non-renewable energy sources, pollution and waste.


2. Sustainability

SUSTAINABILITY means making sure resources are available both now AND in the future.

This section concentrates on environmental law and at what can be done at a GLOBAL, NATIONAL and LOCAL level to help the environment.

3. The Environment and the Workplace

This final section is very much focused on the WORKPLACE and how organisations can make a real difference through the better use of resources and through good handling of waste and recycling. It looks at Environmental Management Systems and carbon offsetting.

This section includes well-designed interactive pages – one concentrating on things employers can do, and one looking at what employees can do, to help the environment. The pages are very visual. Simply by highlighting an area of the typical workplace you can view ideas and suggestions for possible improvement in that area.


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