HSE recommend that anyone who has successfully qualified in First Aid, should
have a refresher each year, particularly as the chances of having to use the
knowledge and skills, may not occur for years, if at all, and it is easy to forget what

you have learnt.

This course is the ideal vehicle to refresh that knowledge and skills, although it
obviously is not a practical course. It will give First Aiders a reminder about areas
such as primary survey, secondary survey and a recap of some of the treatments

that they may be asked to provide.

Emergency First Aid at Work Refresher – Course Content


In a first aid situation, your priority is to quickly and calmly assess what’s
happened and who needs help. In this section we will cover the primary
survey, this is made up of 5 steps, which you can remember using DR ABC,
which stands for danger, response, airway, breathing and circulation - we’ll be
covering these in this section.


Once you have completed your primary survey and dealt with any urgent
conditions, you should now assess what is wrong with the casualty. This will
include, looking for a medic alert bracelet or medication in their pockets that
might tell you about an existing medical condition, as well as asking questions
and checking for injuries.


In this final section, you will refresh your memory on essential procedures or
treatments that you may need to perform to someone at work. You will look at:
first aid kits at work, applying roller bandage and slings, choking, shock,
cuts/grazes, bruises, nose bleeds, burns/scalds and splinters or other
puncture wounds.

Note:  This is the HSE recommended annual refresher - it is NOT a requalification which can only be done in the classroom

Emergency First Aid At Work – Refresher

Duration: 50 Minutes


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