Duration: 30 Minutes

This training is designed to help you understand why electrical safety is so important, and explains what you can do to keep yourself and others safe around electrical and electronic equipment.

Electrical safety isn’t only an issue for electricians or people whose job is specifically to do with electricity; it’s important no matter what job you do or what industry you work in. Electrical safety helps prevent you and other people from being injured or even killed by electrical hazards. Each year there are about 30 fatal electrical accidents, with roughly 1,000 workplace injuries involving electricity.

This course looks at the laws surrounding electricity at work, as well as covering best practice for safe use of electrical appliances and what to do in emergency situations.

Electrical Safety Course Contents

1 Working Safely

In this section includes basic electrical safety, looking at the common electrical accidents, why they happen and, of course, how to be safe and stop them happening.

It includes safety around water, safety during maintenance and testing and the requirements for inspection and testing.

Fuses, circuit breakers and residual current devices (RCDs) are also covered in this section.


2. Injuries/Emergency Procedures

Here we look at the types of accidents and injuries that may occur, such as electric shocks and electrical burns.

We explain what to do after an electrical accident and what to do after a high-voltage accident involving overhead power lines.

3. Electricity and the Law

The final section is about electricity and the law, particularly The Electricity at Work Regulations. It looks at who’s responsible for employees’ safety, risk assessments and RIDDOR.


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