We have probably the most comprehensive suite of Health & Safety titles anywhere
  • A one-stop-shop for your e-learning with over 70+ titles

  • Subjects come with up to 28 different language sub-titles

  • Up to 80% saving over classroom courses

  • The training can be done anywhere and at any time as long as there is an internet connection

  • Dip in and out of a course if there is no time to do it all at one sitting

  • Because a test has to be taken, you will know if someone has the learning required

  • You purchase credits (one per subject) and can use them on any of the titles

  • There is no expiry date on starting or completing courses

  • You can have an east use (and free) Learning Management System.

e-Learning Previews

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We have reduced these amounts - see Home Page.

What Will On-Line Construction Training Courses Cost?

  • A credit is able to be used for any of our 70+ titles, you do not need to buy set numbers for any subject.

  • Upon payment, we will set you up with your own account, add the credits and then either deal with the admin ourselves (a fee of £1 per course is payable) or set you up with your own Learning Management System which will enable you to assign courses, check results, print certificates, prepare reports and generally monitor your training.

  • After your initial purchase, you can add to your credits as and when you wish.

  • There is no expiry date on credits, so they don’t need to be used by any particular time.

  • The minimum purchase of credits is 5.

  • UKATA courses do not have a Learning Management System as they are monitored by that body but the whole process is automated.

The pricing of courses reduces with the number of sessions purchased:-


  • 5-25 credits – £25 each

  • 26-50 credits – £23 each

  • 51-100 credits – £20 each

  • 101-250 credits – £17 each

  • 251-500 credits – £14 each

  • 500+ credits – £10 each

Please note – these prices do not apply to UKATA Approved courses – please contact us for details.

Please note that some of these prices do not apply to UKATA courses, please contact us for a quote.

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