Our Duty of Care Awareness Training explains the need to promote wellbeing and make sure that people in Care are kept safe for harm, abuse and injury.  The duty of care is a legal requirement and comes with the job role for any care worker. It is part of the code of conduct for healthcare support workers and adult social care workers in England and applies as soon as someone receives treatment or care. Employees also have a duty of care to other workers. 

Standard 3 of the Care Certificate – Duty of Care – requires staff to:

  • Understand how a duty of care contributes to a safe practice

  • Understand what support is available to address issues regarding the duty of care

  • Deal with comments or complaints

  • Deal with incidents, near misses or errors

  • How to deal with difficult situations and confrontations

Duty of Care Awareness:  Course Contents

1  The Duty of Care

Within the care industry it’s not just the people you care for, but also the people you work with – your colleagues - and anyone else who may be affected by something you do or don’t do. In this section we’ll be looking at your duty of care obligations, agreed ways of working, the Mental Capacity Act and building a relationship of trust.


2. What if things go Wrong

It’s essential that everyone follows the standards from the code of conduct. By doing so the people who use health and social care services, the public and others are protected from harm. And all carers must aim to provide high-quality care to the best of their ability, but even with the best planning and the best will in the world, things can still go wrong...

Duty of Care Awareness

Duration: 30 Minutes


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