Duration: 25 Minutes

Every year thousands of lives are ruined by alcohol and drug abuse. Private life suffers, health suffers, jobs suffer.


Just one person in the workplace affected by alcohol or drugs can put everyone at risk.

This course has been written to raise general awareness, so that it doesn’t become a problem at work. It has been written for anyone to use, whether you are an employer, manager or employee. It’s for your information – it will help you recognise a problem, either in someone who works for you, in yourself, or in a colleague.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Course Contents

1. The Problem


In this section we look at how drinking or drug taking can affect someone’s work. We look at responsibilities. We explain what substance misuse means and talk about who may be at risk of addiction and the factors which may influence this happening.


2. The Effects on Health


This section concentrates on how alcohol and different types of drugs can affect health. It talks about alcohol units and addiction. It looks at the different categories and classes of drugs. And we summarise the most common drugs detailing their short and long-term effects.

3. People/Policies


What can be done about the problem? All organisations are different, so we’ve included a downloadable reference guide to help create a policy to suit YOU. We look at the signs of substance abuse. Finally, we suggest a variety of ways to cut down on drinking.


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