Duration: 50 Minutes

Driving is something you probably do almost every day and it’s easy to become complacent, particularly if you are regularly travelling the same route. This programme aims to be a good reminder of general road safety – things you can do to keep yourself and other road users safe.


If you drive 25,000 or more work-miles, it’s probably the most dangerous part of your job. Every week, around 200 road deaths or serious injuries involve someone driving for work. With around 3 million company cars on the road, 1 in 3 will be involved in an accident of some kind every year.

This training programme aims to highlight some of the daily risks when driving. It’s about promoting an awareness of what’s going on around you, where the other drivers and road users are, what they are doing and what they might do next. It’s also about properly preparing for a journey and checking your vehicle, as well as knowing what to do in case you are involved in an accident.

Driver Awareness Course Contents

1 Responsibilities


In this section we detail the rules and who is responsible when you are driving as part of your work.

We look at policies and risk assessments and we cover the legal rules and restrictions, such as wearing seat belts, using mobile phones and drinking alcohol.

2 Safe Driving


This section is about safe driving. It looks at YOU and how you drive.

It includes defensive driving, stopping distances and hazard awareness. There is a hazard spotting ‘quiz’.

3 Safe Journey


What makes us take more risks when driving for work?

In this section we look at situations in which you might drive for work when you wouldn’t outside of work, such as in poor weather conditions or when you’re feeling unwell.

We look at the pressure of completing a task on time. We look at driving in unfamiliar places or in unfamiliar vehicles.

4 Safe Vehicle


The vehicle you drive must be safe and you are responsible for making sure of this before you set out on a journey

We list the basic checks which must be done and look at seat adjustment for good posture.

We suggest items you may need to carry as an ’emergency’ precaution.


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