Duration: 35 Minutes

You don’t have to be a multi-national or Government organisation to be at risk! Cyber security is a vital part of an organisation’s information security measures and whether it’s by dodgy e-mails, going on to false websites, phishing or direct computer attacks, the threat is massive.

Cyber-crime costs UK businesses an estimated £30 billion each year and causes massive disruption, around half of all UK businesses having had at least one attempt to breach their security.

This course has therefore been designed for everyone in an organisation as ‘the weakest link’ is what a fraudster is looking for.

The course includes practical steps that will help to protect computers, networks, programmes and data from unauthorised access and how we can help to safeguard the systems and information we use.

Cyber Security Awareness:  Course Contents

1. Cyber Security Overview

Attempts at breaching security tend to be those that take advantage of human error or lax procedures and flaws in computer security. This section looks at how these breaches could happen and explains some ways to make it harder for cyber-criminals to gain access to a system.


2. What You Can Do We look at some of the most common ways malicious software can get into a system and at ways to prevent this from happening. It deals with threats made by emails, use of passwords, accessing websites, using social media and uploading data from external devices..

3. Security Breaches This last section is about continued vigilance on a day-to-day basis – spotting security weaknesses BEFORE an attack happens and how to report anything that might help boost security. It also looks at how organisations handle breaches if they do happen and recovery plans.


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