Sometimes there is a mismatch between what we think we are saying and how it is received by the other party.  Working on our communication skills, makes us far more likely to be able to express ourselves in a way that others can clearly understand.

Despite nearly 90% of people feeling that effective communication is extremely important, 80% of people rate their own communication skills as either’ average’ or ‘poor’.

The short, impactful course can be undertaken by anyone who wants to improve communication by learning the basics and foundations of effective communication.  It can also be used as a refresher for those who consider themselves good communicators but want to ensure they are still familiar with good practices.


Communication Skills Course Content

1. How Does Communication Work?

In this first section, we will be looking at what communication is, the communication circuit, how we all communicate and some of the barriers to effective communication we might face. 


2. Overcoming barriers to Good Communication

This final section will look at how to overcome barriers to effective communication which is broken down into 4 easy steps; Active Listening, Non-verbal signals, Calmness and Assertiveness. 

Communication Skills

Duration: 10 Minutes


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