Standard 9 of the Care Certificate requires carer workers to have an awareness of learning disabilities, dementia and ill-mental health as nearly two-thirds of people say that they have experienced a mental health problem including depression, anxiety or psychosis.

As well as these, both dementia and learning disabilities are more prominent in care settings, so care workers need awareness training so that they are able to identify symptoms and signs of problems and be able to treat the individual in the correct way and with compassion. 

The course ensures that staff understand:

  • the legal frameworks, policy and guidelines relating to mental health needs, learning disabilities and dementia and of mental capacity

  • the needs & experiences of people with mental health problems, learning disabilities or dementia,

  • the need to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for individuals with mental health problems, learning disabilities or dementia,

  • the need to change care delivery relating to someone who may have a mental health issue, dementia or learning disabilities

  • the importance of early detection of dementia, mental health needs and learning disabilities



Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities Course Content

1. Mental Health Issues

We will look at a number of mental health issues, including mental illnesses, extreme states of mental ill-health, dementia, and learning disabilities. We will also see what all these terms mean, their tell-tale signs and symptoms, what causes them, and what treatments or support is available.

2. Person Centred Support

In this section we cover see what that person-centred support looks like, including why you always need to assess and adapt the care you offer to suit the service user’s ever-changing needs and why it’s so important to recognise and diagnose mental health issues, dementia, and learning disabilities as soon as possible.

3. Vulnerability

People with mental health issues, dementia, and learning disabilities are often more vulnerable to harm and abuse. In this final section of the course, we’ll take a look at how the law aims to protect vulnerable people, how it promotes their rights and ensures that their capacity to make decisions is never undermined.

Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities

Duration: 35 Minutes

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