There are questions that people often think about but they don’t always come up with answers! ‘What gets me up in the morning?' or 'What are the important things in my life?'.  

Recognising your own value, or your self-worth is vital if you want a meaningful life and it will also allow you to the value of others too which will be beneficial to you and the workplace culture, regardless of ere you work. 

But how do you approach these conundrums?  By using techniques that were developed millenia ago.



Recognising Your Value Course Content


Ikigai is a Japanese concept that can be used to understand the purpose or meaning of your life.  The short course will help you start your own journey of discovery and give you the tools that will help you to find their purpose and recognise your own value.

We will help guide you to identify the four spheres - Things you’re passionate about, Things you’re good at, Things that are important and Things you can be paid for.  You will see how to fill these spheres, identify patterns between them, imagine what your life should look like and finally, decide what small or big changes you will need to make to fulfil your life. 

Recognising Your Value

Duration: 10 Minutes


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