There are times when we all struggle to recognise our value and what we have to offer - either at work, in the home or to society. But, one way or another, we all actually make a contribution and make a difference – however big or small.

Recognising the value and the benefits that you provide can boost your self-esteem in both your personal and work lives. If you can identify this value within your relationships, it will improve your personal happiness, your purpose or many other aspects of your life. 

This course is based on a Japanese philosophy which embodies the idea of happiness in living - the reason you get up in the morning in a positive way.  You need to identify four things in your life - what you love, what the world needs, what you are good at and what you can be paid for.

This training is suitable for all levels of employees and managers who all need to be aware of their value and when applied, it will in turn create a more positive workplace culture.


Recognising Your Value Course Content


1. The Principals


The idea that this Japanese philosophy can be described as the purpose or meaning of someone’s life. This section explains the principals so that you can start your own journey of discovery, using the tools that will help you to recognise your own value.


2.  The Four Areas of Your Life


In this section we will help you identify the four main areas of focus that you need to create a happy life. They are the things you’re passionate about, those you’re good at, things that society needs and things you can be paid for.  Identifying these and working out how you fulfil them in your life, identifying patterns between them, imagining what life changes might look like and deciding what small or big changes you need to make will give you that confidence and happiness that  so many people constantly strive for. 

Recognising Your Value

Duration: 10 Minutes


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