Designed for all employees, this course covers some of the key elements of HR and how these can help create an atmosphere of wellbeing in the workplace.

All organisations should strive to have a positive workplace as this gives rise to better productivity and less conflict.

This course is a great help towards achieving this goal as it has been designed to help employees recognise and understand the most common workplace challenges.  It then suggests ways to overcome these challenges, including identifying the way we are treated and the way we treat others.


It will give an overview on:

Equality, Diversity & Unconscious Bias 

Bullying & Harassment, including Sexual Harassment

Mental Health & Stress Awareness 

Conflict Resolution

If you are looking to offer your staff more in-depth training on particular subjects, each subject within this course is also available as a full, separate course. It is also a perfect course that can be used as part of an induction.




HR Compliance Course Content


1. Equality & Diversity

This section covers the important subject of equality and diversity, explaining how our behaviour can affect others and how previous experiences create biases (whether consciously or unconsciously) about the people we meet and this can lead to us treating them unfairly - which then causes serious problems within the workplace.


2. Bullying & Harrassment

The second section focuses on bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment.  This can often be present in the workplace and is negative behaviour that many people face and we will suggest ways to deal with it.


3. Conflict

Conflict in the workplace can cause huge challenges, even if whatever happened was minor.  We give advice on ways it can be avoided and resolved, including the importance of communication and the use of positive body language to help to defuse tension.


4. Mental Health

Lastly, we concentrate on stress and how the quality of our mental health influences everything we think, do and feel, how it affects our relationships, our work, and even our physical health.

HR Compliance

Duration: 45 Minutes


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