This course covers guidance and tips on how to manage time effectively, set boundaries and identify your most productive times of the day. It provides an overview of the importance of creating structure to your working day and creating a productive workspace.


These include a basic understanding of DSE, manual handling and even employee mental health.

Being a remote worker doesn’t mean you are detached from the office, as there are a range of communication methods that ensure you can be reached and be heard. The skills you will learn in this course will help you as a remote worker carry out your role safely and effectively at home or from any alternative locations from the office.


Happy and productive employees will achieve greater job satisfaction so providing the tools to work effectively from home is vital.


1 What Do We Need to Think About?

When it comes to setting up a productive workspace, there isn’t a precise method that works for everyone. But there are some things you can do to help maximise your productivity and remain focussed throughout the day. We’ll consider some of these as we move through this section.

2 Planning the Day

With your workspace set up and ready to go, the next step is to create some structure, so we will look at how to plan your working day, prioritising tasks, physical, mental and social boundaries, and how to manage distractions. 

3 Communication with Colleagues

Possibly the most difficult challenge for any remote worker is adapting to a new way of

communicating with their co-workers. By utilising technology such as video calls and collaborative software, people can stay connected and projects and workflows can continue running just as smoothly.

Effective Remote Working

Duration: 30 Minutes


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