Remote Working (or Working From Home) is now a valid means of working but not everyone sets themselves up to make the best of it. Many people have been working remotely for some time but not always with the most efficient way of doing so.


This course gives guidance and ideas on how to manage time effectively, set boundaries and identify when, during the day, you are at your most productive.
It provides means of creating structure to your working day and having the most efficient workspace, including the basics of DSE so that you don’t create musculo-skeletal problems for yourself, manual handling and considerations for your mental health.

Working from home, or any other remote locations, doesn’t mean you are detached from your office as there are many methods of communication available to ensure that you are reached and heard.


What you will gain from this course will assist you as a remote worker to carry out your role safely and effectively from home or from any alternative locations, away from the office.

Being an efficient, effective person at work but doing so from home, can still mean achieving job satisfaction if you use the tools to work suggested in this course to work effectively.

Effective Remote Working Course Content

1. The Basics

Setting yourself up in a productive environment can be the difference between working well and not enjoying what you are doing. There is no precise method that works for everyone but there are various ideas you can use to help. Maximising your productivity and remaining focussed on what you have to achieve throughout the day is key. In this section we will consider some of these ideas and how they might be applied to your situation.

2. Creating Structure

When your workplace is set up and you are working, the next challenge is to create structure. In this section we will cover planning your day, prioritising tasks, the physical, mental and social boundaries that are always present and how to deal with distractions.

3. Communication

One of the difficult challenges for anyone working from home or elsewhere, is adapting to new ways of communicating with your colleagues and management and still feeling part of the team. There are many ways of using technology such as video calls and various software packages, so that people can stay connected, their projects advance and workflow continue running smoothly.

Effective Remote Working

Duration: 30 Minutes


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