This Managing Anxiety Training course provides ideas and techniques to help people to manage their anxiety, including stomach-breathing techniques, strengthening resilience and forms that help people to highlight how they felt and behaved during an anxiety-provoking event. CBT, or cognitive behavioural therapy, can play a key part in helping people better manage anxious thoughts.


Recognised by the NHS, here is how they describe the process: "Cognitive behavioural therapy” is a talking therapy that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave.

It's most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, but can be useful for other mental and physical health problems." When users complete our course, we hope that they feel more confident in addressing uncomfortable or upsetting situations, so they can lessen the impact they have on them.

1 Anxiety and CBT

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, and the symptoms range from mild to severe and is also an umbrella term that covers a number of diagnosable conditions.

This section will provide an introduction to anxiety and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). 

2 Help with Anxiety

Anxiety looks and feels different for different people, which means the solutions for reducing anxiety will also differ for each person. So, in this section, we offer a variety of ideas and tools - some are based on mindfulness, and others are based on CBT techniques.

Managing Anxiety

Duration: 25 Minutes


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