There is a natural tendency for a person to try to use an extinguisher on a fire.  But it is vital that they only try to do so when there is no danger and they should follow the ‘ONE FIRE, ONE ‘ rule.  If it might take more than one extinguisher to put out the fire, then it’s too big to tackle and they need to evacuate immediately.

However, when there is a chance of putting out a fire with an extinguisher, there is a danger that by using the wrong type of unit, there will be added danger.

A person must therefore know what kind of fire extinguisher should be used for each class of fire and the safety measure to take when using an extinguisher. 




Fire Extinguishers  Course Content


This short course covers the correct procedure for handling fire extinguishers, when to tackle a fire, which fires require which extinguisher and the importance of only attempting to tackle a fire if you feel confident that you can extinguish it without risking your, or others’, safety.

Fire Extinguishers

Duration: 10 Minutes


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