The importance of having confidence is paramount if you want to get on in life and work.  People who lack confidence tend to concentrate on the impact others have on them, instead of focusing on the impact that they have on others.

This short course will help you to realise that it’s what you do that matters and how you feel about yourself, not what others do to you or feel about you.

This course is aimed at giving you added confidence in the eyes of your colleagues,  clients or customers so that you can be seen to be showing better levels of professionalism.




Confidence Building Course Content


1.  What is ‘Confidence’?

This section show you what confidence is and what it means to individuals, why it is so important, and the idea of behaving confidently even if you might not feel it.  


2. Increasing Your Confidence

We look at how you can boost your confidence, breaking down the section into 4 areas; Set Achievable Goals, Appearing Confident,  Positive Thinking and Improving Competence

Confidence Building

Duration: 10 Minutes


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