Duration: 25 Minutes

2020 set a new ‘normality’ changing both our social and working lives, with social distancing and hygiene procedures affecting everyone.

An employee may have been away from the workplace due to furlough or having to self-isolate and getting back to work is not always easy. For many people, it is a positive time for them but for others it can be an anxious time. There is no right, or wrong, way to feel as it is natural to have concerns but how the return is handled can make all the difference, both to the employee and to your organisation.

This course offers anyone, whether they are soon to return to work, or even if they have already returned, guidelines and simple steps that can ease them back with safety.

Returning to Work - Covid-19 Course Content

The course looks at what a returner and your organisation can do to help with the transition back to work including planning, organisation, and preparation.  It includes what a person should do before going back and how to handle the first days.

It also has suggestions about return-to-work catch-ups, risk assessments, team communication, handling concerns/anxiety in connection with the pandemic, policies and practices to consider, what to expect from managers during this time and a few practical suggestions for handling pressure, finding focus, staying productive, and adjusting to the ‘new normal’.


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