Duration: 20 Minutes

A Banksman is someone who is responsible for directing movements of large vehicles.


This is usually done by using hand signals (or possibly a radio link) to reduce the risk of accidents occurring, especially when a vehicle is reversing. The Banksman ensures that manoeuvres, particularly during loading and unloading do not put anyone in danger.

Accidents can always be avoided by taking precautions and this course has detailed explanations of what needs to be done to be safe.  It is designed for anyone involved in manoeuvring, loading and unloading vehicles and will give learners knowledge of how to safely guide vehicles, both rigid and articulated, using the HSE's approved code of signals. However, there is nothing like practical application of this knowledge to ensure competency.

Banksman Training Course Content

Section 1

A Banksman (also known as a Signaller) is someone on a working site who supervises the movement of vehicles and plant. This section, looks at the role and the duties of a Banksman, the responsibilities of the employer and the dangers when reversing. 

Section 2

This section covers the ‘common’ hand signals that used throughout the UK and Europe, including stop, start & end, move towards and move away, right & left, horizontal distance and vertical distance, raise and lower, danger, plus and also gives some additional information. 


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