Duration: 1 Hour

Alcohol is a big problem! It is responsible for thousands of incidents and accidents every year in the UK – road accidents, violent crimes, acts of domestic violence and accidents both at home and at work – and they are responsible for a fifth of all suicides.

It’s therefore clear why the sale and supply of alcohol must be controlled and why alcohol licensing laws are necessary.

This course is for anyone who sells or serves alcohol. This could be from licensed premises, club premises or at temporary events. It’s all about staying within the law when selling or serving alcohol.

It looks at public safety, protecting children and it covers the importance of preventing crime, violence, disorder and nuisance behaviour. It also includes a step-by-step guide on checking identification.

Minimise the likelihood of incidents happening in your licensed premises, keep your employees safe and make sure they are equipped with the knowledge to deal effectively with any incidents that might occur as a result of alcohol or drug use.

People working in licensed premises may also find our Drug and Alcohol Awareness training useful.

Bar Staff Training (Working in Licensed Premises) Course Contents

1. The Licensing Act and its aims

The Licensing Act has four aims. Organisations which sell alcohol have a responsibility to uphold these aims. Here we look at what these aims are and suggest a variety of ways to achieve them.

2 Age Verification Process

All places that sell alcohol must, by law, have an age verification process. It’s a mandatory licensing condition.  It’s about asking for ID, knowing what ID is acceptable and being able to recognise fake ID. And it’s about having the confidence to refuse to serve someone.

3. Best Practice Working

This section explains the mandatory licensing conditions. It looks at ILLEGAL activities, such as smoking on the premises and drugs on the premises. It explains right of entry. It looks at how alcohol may affect customers and suggests ways to promote responsible drinking.


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