This course has been written for people who provide services to customers. It explains customer rights from theperspective of the retailer – the person selling the service.

Anyone who provides services to customers needs to understand the legal standards they need to meet and know what their customers’ rights are if these standards are not met.

Not meeting consumer rights can result in hefty consequences for businesses. You can be fined by various Ombudsman and/or Regulators, or have no choice but to give a customer a refund which could result in a loss of profits. You also run the risk of losing loyal customers to competitors if they have experienced poor customer service – Poor customer service costs UK businesses more than £200 billion each year.

We also provide consumer rights training for retailers who are selling goods and digital content – Consumer rights training for those selling goods & Consumer rights training for those selling digital content.

Consumer Rights for Service Businesses: Course Contents

1. Background of Consumer Rights

This section includes essential background information about the Consumer Rights Act.

2. The Supply of Services

Here we look at the specific rules and standards required when providing services to customers. What do ‘services’ include? What are the statutory rights of the consumer? If there’s a problem, what should be done about it?  We also look at ‘duty of care’.

3. Terms and Conditions

Making sure your terms and conditions, notices and contracts are written fairly is very important. There are terms which cannot be used and terms which sometimes can not be used. A downloadable pdf contains a list of greylisted and blacklisted terms and conditions.

4. Disputes

In most cases, complaints can be dealt with directly with customers. But sometimes no agreement can be reached. In this section we look at what happens next if a customer is unhappy with the service you have provided and the problem cannot be simply resolved face-to-face.


Duration: 30 Minutes


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