At work, or outside of it, conflict is something that happens all too frequently in one degree or another and it can have a bad impact on relationships. Managing conflict in the right way will bring positive results to a negative situation.

Conflict arises in most organisation and at any time – in fact anywhere where people who have different beliefs, opinions and ways of working have to work alongside others.

Communicating positive messages is one of the most important skills in life – and one that does not normally figure in training plans! Anyone who has to deal with the differences, or demands, of employees or colleagues, managers, suppliers or clients needs to enhance their communication skills.

A conflict that is handled poorly, can cause immense damage to an organisation’s productivity, hence why Conflict Resolution Training is essential for giving you the best ways for dealing with conflict.

Conflict Resolution Training :  Course Contents

1. Introduction to Conflict

The first section explains what conflict is, the different types and the harmful consequences for individuals and organisations if it isn’t handled well. It also offers techniques that are very effective in preventing conflict from arising or escalating.


2. Tips & Techniques

This section, packed with useful information, goes into the main skills that are required to resolve a conflict and reach a positive outcome for everyone. These include knowing more about things like emotional intelligence and logical thinking.



3. Handling Serious Conflict This short and very important third section provides you with six simple steps to approach, work through and resolve more complex or serious conflicts and also gives you suggestions for an organisation’s Conflict Resolution Strategy and.


Duration: 30 Minutes


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