This Basic Life Support in Care course gives learners basic knowledge surrounding life support but, practical training will need to be completed to physically administer assistance.  The course is broken down into 3 basic elements, Adult, Child and Infant and it focuses on Standard 12 of the Care


Basic Life Support in Care: Course Contents


1 Basic Life Support for Adults


Known as a Primary Survey, this is a systematic process of assessing a casualty, dealing with an immediate and life-threatening emergency and  identifying any hazards. The section looks at DR ABC - the acronym used for this assessment, obstructed airways, treating choking adults and CPR.



2 Treating a Choking Child  & CPR for Children


The size and physical and mental abilities of a child vary depending upon their age and the onset of puberty. You will have to use your judgement to decide whether a child actually needs your help and exactly what you should do. The section looks at how to treat a child who you believe is choking and performing CPR on a child (aged between 1 and the onset of puberty).



3 Obstructed Airways – Infants and CPR for Infants


Aged 1 or younger, an infant cannot communicate with you to any real degree. If there is a blocked airway they are particularly vulnerable as they cannot tell you that they’re choking.  It is therefore up to you to spot the warning signs. The section takes a look at the steps that you should take if you believe an infant is choking and again, how to perform CPR. 


4. Training



Duration: 30 Minutes


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