Anti-Money Laundering

Duration: 30 Minutes

Money Laundering can take many forms and even though you may not realise it, if you are involved, the penalties are harsh.

This course is for everyone who works in any organisation where large amounts of money, property or goods are bought, leased, sold or exchanged, such as the financial services, legal, motor trade, estate agency, gambling or accountancy sectors.

Designed to raise awareness, it explains what money laundering is and the necessity for employees to be on the lookout for anything that might not look or feel right when dealing with transactions.

The course covers the various laws in relation to money laundering crimes and customer verification methods, as well as how to spot suspicious activity.

This Anti-Money Laundering course can be used in conjunction with our Anti-Bribery & Corruption course.

Anti-Money Laundering :  Course Contents

1. Money Laundering

Money laundering is a process by which someone attempts to convert the proceeds of any illegal activity into money or assets which then appear to be legitimate’ or hiding money or assets, which may have come from legal or illegal sources, with a view to avoiding accountability. This section, looks at the stages involved in the money laundering process.


2. Customer Verification This section is about how to find information about customers and deciding what level of risk they pose. It explains how to check identities and what should be done if there are any suspicions about the evidence provided.

3. Suspicious Activity This part looks at the ‘RED FLAGS’ of suspicious activity – things which anyone should be on the lookout for. It explains the importance of reporting concerns, to whom suspicions should be reported and what sort of information they’ll need.

4. Laws, Acts and Policies

In this final section, we look at policies and procedures and at the money laundering legislation


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